Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoulesļ¼ˆLast Day PromotionšŸ”„ļ¼‰
Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoulesļ¼ˆLast Day PromotionšŸ”„ļ¼‰
Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoulesļ¼ˆLast Day PromotionšŸ”„ļ¼‰
Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoulesļ¼ˆLast Day PromotionšŸ”„ļ¼‰
Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoulesļ¼ˆLast Day PromotionšŸ”„ļ¼‰

Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoulesļ¼ˆLast Day PromotionšŸ”„ļ¼‰

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Let us take a look at our happy customersā€™ reviews before we proceed with our introduction to our product.
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Annie, she was cheated on by her husband because she was told that her husband canā€™t take her ugly face anymore and her husband also told her that she looks so old thatā€™s why he files a divorce and marry a younger lady. After her divorce, she decided to make herself new again and she discovered our Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoules.
ā€œMy husband cheated on me because I look too old and he even file a divorce. Thatā€™s the time I decided to try this product and it is effective because in just 14 days my face looks so young and the wrinkles are goneā€-Annie Mercedes----Tucson, Arizona
This simple face massage makes you look younger in 90 seconds
Our next happy customer is Samantha, sheā€™s only 35 years old but she noticed that she looks older than her age. She does some research to know how can she look younger. As she and her friend were talking about it while they are having dinner, her friend recommend our Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoules, which she immediately ordered that night also.
ā€œI feel so much insecure because I look like a senior citizen already but this product helps me a lot because now the look on my face is just the same with my ageā€ā€”Samantha Pott--- Atlanta, Georgia

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Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoules consists of two key ingredients:
  1. Matrixyl 3000+ Complex: is an anti-aging formula that claims to work differently than most other skin creams on the market. It penetrates deep into damaged skin and stimulates new collagen and a protein that makes skin appear plump and firm. Applying this to your skin can cause of 60% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles thatā€™s why it makes this product so effective.
  2. Argireline: does is get rid of all the old, dead layers of skin and helps your skin generate fresh, younger layers. It is an anti-aging peptide that has some powerful effects on the skin. This substance is good for people who want to get rid of the signs of aging, and itā€™s also effective in treating dry skin. provides some moisturizing benefits. Itā€™s sometimes combined with hyaluronic acid to add to the hydration provided to sensitive skin.
Want to know what makes Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoules so special? I got you!
  • ANTI-AGING SERUM:Ā It contains aĀ similar component as snakeĀ venom and a variety of powerful natural ingredients that work in harmony to tackle different skin issues.
  • FACE MUSCLES IS BEING RELAXED:Ā The effect ofĀ this synthetic venom relaxes the muscles on your face to reduce fine lines caused by skin sagging and facial expressions.Ā ItĀ consequently slows the aging of your skin.
  • FACELIFT EFFECT: Age Rewind Intensive Repair AmpoulesĀ is known for its best face lifting effect because it freezes your wrinkles and fine lines.
  • SKIN REVITALIZATION:Ā Ā It also tackles pigmentation issues and sunspotsĀ due to its lightening properties.Ā 
  • VERY SAFE TO USE: It is a non-surgical application means it is saferĀ than Botox. it's an anti-wrinkle material based on a synthetic tripeptide that ā€œmimicsā€ the effects of a peptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper snake.

  • Hydrolyzed Placental Extract, Fullerene, Grape-seed oil, Ginseng.Ā 
Hereā€™s how you are going to use this product:
  • Apply it to the face, neck, and body before going to bed early in the morning and at night, and apply to any skin.Ā 
  • Apply proper amount to the face and gently massage for 2 to 3 minutes after cleansing each morning and evening.

This Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoules is very affordable thatā€™s why you can save money and at the same time, you will look young and beautiful in just 2 weeks of using it. There are a lot of good reviews about our product because it is effective and now you should try it too!Ā 

Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoules. It has been known that viper venom has a paralyzing effect on the skin muscles. Taking that concept in the beauty world. This synthetic venom mimics how a snake venom works as it paralyzes the skin muscles.


Each Box includes:

  • 30*0.34g Age Rewind Intensive Repair Ampoules


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